17th Swiss Transport Research Conference

STRC | 2017


Monte Verità, Ascona, Switzerland


May 17-19, 2017



TRANSP-OR | Transport and Mobility Laboratory, EPF Lausanne


Speaker Affiliation Title Download
Prof. Patricia Mokhtarian Transportation Systems Engineering, School of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA (How) Can We Improve the Behavioral Realism of Large-Scale Land Use/Transportation Models? PPTX 5.5MB
Dr. Georgina Santos School of Geography and Planning, Cardiff University, United Kingdom Transport and Climate Change PDF 0.3MB
Prof. Grazia Speranza OR Group, Department of Economics and Management, University of Brescia, Italy Trends in Transportation and Logistics PPTX 3.9MB

All sessions

Speaker/s Affiliation Title Discussant Download
Ambühl, Loder, Menendez, Axhausen ETHZ Performance of dynamic urban traffic allocation Bellochi PDF 4.1MB
Balać & Axhausen ETHZ Activity-rescheduling in MATSim Janzen N/A
Balsa-Barreiro, Ambühl, Menendez, Lois ETHZ, USC Representation of the degree of territorial cohesion by using travel-time maps from transport infrastructure networks Ilahi PDF 0.8MB
Becker F. & Axhausen ETHZ Predicting the use of automated vehicles. [First results from the pilot survey] He PDF 0.4MB
Becker H., Ciari, Axhausen ETHZ Modelling free-floating car-sharing use in Switzerland: A spatial regression and conditional logit approach Sırmatel PDF 1.3MB
Belgiawan, Schmid, Dubernet, Axhausen ETHZ Comparison between RUM, RRM variants, and RAM: Swiss SP and RP data sets Curtale PDF 2.8MB
Bellocchi & Geroliminis EPFL Navigation under congested conditions with limited information Ambühl PDF 0.7MB
Binder, Maknoon, Bierlaire EPFL, TU Delft Efficient exploration of the multiple objectives of the railway timetable rescheduling problem Corman PDF 0.2MB
Bliemer & Raadsen UofSydney Static traffic assignment with residual queues and spillback Loder PDF 0.6MB
Bongiovanni, Kaspi, Geroliminis EPFL The Electric Autonomous Dial-a-Ride Problem Meeder N/A
Bosina, Meeder, Weidmann ETHZ Pedestrian flows on railway platforms Molyneaux PDF 1.5MB
Corman, D'Ariano, Samà, Pacciarelli EPFL Strategic interactions in passenger-oriented railway traffic control Binder N/A
Curale & Sarman USI Children’s preferences as drivers for family leisure choices: An hybrid choice model Belgiawan DOCX 0.1MB
Dakic & Menendez ETHZ Data fusion algorithm for the 3D-MFD estimation Montesinos PDF 0.4MB
Danalet & Mathys ARE The potential of smartphone data for national travel surveys Molloy ZIP 4.3MB
De Martinis, Corman, Toletti, Weidmann ETHZ How to make freight trains more energy-efficient during operation? Mancera N/A
Dubernet, Guidon, Axhausen ETHZ An Innovative Survey to Study the Impact of Joint Decisions on the Characteristics of Leisure Activities Sarlas PDF 0.2MB
Emery EPFL Towards automatic train operation in long distance service: State-of-the-art and challenges Sojka PDF 0.5MB
Fernández-Antolín, Lurkin, de Lapparent, Bierlaire EPFL Discrete-continuous maximum likelihood for the estimation of cross-nested logit models Pellegrini PDF 0.1MB
Guidon, Wicki, Axhausen, Bernauer ETHZ Investigating the relationship between individuals' social networks, mobility behaviour, and social capital - Survey method and first results Gumy PDF 0.4MB
Gumy, de Lapparent, Ravalet, Bierlaire, Kaufmann EPFL Professional cyclic high mobility: Modelling state transitions Guidon PDF 1.9MB
Gysin, Sasidharan, Menendez ETHZ Are Roundabouts Really Safer than Intersections? Ortelli PDF 1.2MB
He, Menendez, Yang ETHZ Autonomous vehicle for weaving sections Bongiovanni N/A
Ilahi & Axhausen ETHZ Measuring Accessibility using an Activity Based Model Approach in Jabodetabek Zhang PDF 0.6MB
Janzen & Axhausen ETHZ Destination and Mode Choice in an Agent-Based Simulation of Long-Distance Travel Demand Balać PDF 0.6MB
Kazagli, Bierlaire, de Lapparent EPFL Modeling route choice in Québec city using mental representations Dubernet N/A
Kouvelas & Geroliminis EPFL Two-level hierarchical control for large-scale urban traffic networks Becker H. PDF 2.1MB
Küng, Georges, Pareschi, Çabukoglu, Boulouchos ETHZ Challenges of decarbonizing the Swiss transport system Sinner PDF 0.8MB
Lamotte & Geroliminis EPFL The morning commute in homogeneous cities Küng N/A
Loder, Ambühl, Menendez, Axhausen ETHZ Network features and MFD parameters Dakic PDF 4.6MB
Mancera & Weidmann ETHZ Measuring service quality in freight transport networks De Martinis N/A
Markov, Bierlaire, Cordeau, Maknoon, Varone EPFL A general framework for routing problems with stochastic demands Roca-Riu PDF 0.7MB
Meeder, Bosina, Weidmann ETHZ Autonomous vehicles: Pedestrian heaven or pedestrian hell? Becker F. PDF 0.5MB
Molloy ETHZ Improving destination choice modeling using location-based big data Nikolić PDF 3.3MB
Molyneaux, Scarinci, Bierlaire EPFL Pedestrian management strategies for improving flow dynamics in transportation hubs Bosina PDF 2.6MB
Montesinos, Ortelli, Kazagli, Bellocchi, Geroliminis EPFL Modeling simplicity in drivers' route choice behavior Bliemer PDF 1.2MB
Nikolić & Bierlaire EPFL Review of transportation mode detection approaches based on smartphone data Danalet PDF 1.2MB
Nishihara, Belgiawan, Kim, Schmöcker, Axhausen Kyoto University, ETHZ Identifying the relationship between parents' and child's car attitudes: For long term management of car ownership Sarman PDF 0.9MB
Pacheco Paneque, Sharif Azadeh, Bierlaire, Gendron EPFL, EUR, CIRRELT Integrating advanced demand models within the framework of mixed integer linear problems: A Lagrangian relaxation method for the uncapacitated case Schmid PDF 0.4MB
Pellegrini & Sarman USI Stochastic frontier estimation of holiday budgets for Multiple Discrete-Continuous Extreme Value model: An application to tourist expenditure analysis Pacheco Paneque PDF 0.4MB
Repoux, Kaspi, Geroliminis EPFL On-Line Management of a Multi-Layered Personal Transit System Markov N/A
Roca-Riu, Cao, Dakic, Menendez ETHZ Dynamic delivery parking spots in urban areas Repoux N/A
Sarlas & Axhausen ETHZ A direct demand modeling framework for traffic volume and speed prediction Kazagli N/A
Sarman, Hajibaba, Curtale USI, UQ Drivers of insurance purchase: An integrated choice and latent variable model Gysin PDF 0.3MB
Schmid & Axhausen ETHZ Investigating suppressed demand effects in a Post Car World: A latent variable random effects Poisson (LVREP) approach Fernández-Antolín N/A
Sinner & Weidmann ETHZ The physical limits of buses and trains in terms of capacity Lamotte PDF 1.0MB
Sırmatel & Geroliminis EPFL Moving Horizon Estimation for Large-scale Urban Networks Yang PDF 0.3MB
Sojka ETHZ Effect of energy efficient train driving methods on the railway infrastructure capacity in periodic timetable networks Emery PDF 0.5MB
Yang, Tan, Menendez ETHZ A reinforcement learning based traffic signal control algorithm in a connected vehicle environment Kouvelas PDF 0.8MB
Zhang & Menendez ETHZ Influence of urban blocks on road traffic: Analysis of the patterns shape using simulation techniques Balsa-Barreiro PDF 1.1MB