8th Swiss Transport Research Conference

STRC | 2008


Monte Verità, Ascona, Switzerland


October 15-17, 2008



IMP-HSG | Institute for Systemic Management and Public Governance, University of St. Gallen


Christian Lässer | mailto:christian.laesser@unisg.ch


Speaker Title University Download
Prof. Thomas Rutherford Economic equilibrium models of roads, housing markets and compensating wage differentials Centre for Energy Policy and Economics, ETHZ N/A
Dr. Jörg Beckmann Motion 2050: Towards a good mobility index (GMI) Mobility Academy, Switzerland N/A
Prof. Ryuichi Kitamura Variability on Variability Kyoto University, Japan N/A

All sessions

Speaker Title Download
Bhaskar, Chung, Dumont (EPFL, QUT) Travel time prediction on urban network by integrating stop-line detector data, signal controller data and probe information N/A
Bodenmann (ETHZ) A model of company location choice for the region of St. Gallen N/A
Buri (EPFL) Increasing railway capacity by jointly improving infrastructure and rolling stock PDF 1.0MB
Ciari, Balmer, Axhausen (ETHZ) A new mode choice model for a multi-agent transport simulation PDF 0.2MB
Coelho (LYON2) Propose of procedure of analysis considering airports as traffic generation poles (TGPs) PDF 0.4MB
Duarte, Garcia, Limão, Polydoropoulou (Delft UT, UTL, EPFL, Aegean) Happiness in transport decision making process: The Swiss example PDF 0.4MB
Eggenberg, Salani & Bierlaire (EPFL) Uncertainty Feature Optimization: an Implicit Paradigm for Problems with Noisy Data PDF 0.3MB
Emery (EPFL) Two, three, four tracks for railway busy lines PDF 1.1MB
Erath (ETHZ) A Framework of assessing vulnerability of transport infrastructure PDF 0.9MB
Frei (ETHZ) Survey issues in long-distance travel PDF 0.3MB
Fries & Patterson (ETHZ, EPFL) Carrier or Mode? – The dilemma of shippers’ choice in freight modeling PDF 0.3MB
Garcia, Levy, Limão, Kupfer (UTL, Aegean, EPFL, UA) Correlation between transport intensity and GDP in European regions PDF 0.2MB
Grosso, Lynce, Silla, Vaggelas (UA, Unige, TH Karlsruhe, Aegean) Parameters influencing short sea shipping pricing scheme: Italian operators point of view PDF 0.1MB
Horni (ETHZ) Location choice for leisure and shopping activities implemented in the activity-based multi-agent transport simulation MATSim PDF 0.3MB
Kim, Buttlar, Partl (EMPA, UI) Investigation of fracture toughening mechanisms of asphalt concrete using the clustered discrete element method PDF 5.6MB
Kisseleff & Lüthi (Emch + Berger AG, ETHZ) Analysis of depeaking effects for Zurich Airport’s ground handler PDF 0.7MB
Kowald, Frei, Hackney (ETHZ) Spatial relationships and social networks: an iterative survey approach PDF 0.4MB
Lavadinho (EPFL) Mobile Lifestyles and Publicity: How cars can make you healthy! N/A
Lavadinho (EPFL) Nearness dynamics in suburbia N/A
Ľos (TU Delft) Influence of spatial preciseness and stop choice behaviour on total travel time values in urban public transport systems PDF 1.6MB
Lüthi (ETHZ) Optimizing traffic flow in heavily used railway networks: influence factors and potential strategies PDF 0.1MB
Martinez, Cascetta, Pagliara, Bierlaire, Axhausen (UCHILE, UNINA, EPFL, ETHZ) An application of the constrained multinomial Logit (CMNL) for modeling dominated choice alternatives PDF 0.8MB
Ohnmacht, Götz, Schad, Haefeli, Stettler (HSLU, ISOE, INTERFACE) Mobility Styles in Leisure Time – target groups for measures towards sustainable mobility PDF 0.4MB
Osorio & Bierlaire (EPFL) A multiple model approach for traffic signal optimization in the city of Lausanne PDF 0.6MB
Paderno & Dumont Simulation and optimisation of ballast tamping process N/A
Patterson & Bierlaire (EPFL) Development of prototype urbansim models PDF 0.7MB
Robin, Antonini, Bierlaire, Cruz (EPFL, IBM) Specification, estimation and validation of a pedestrian walking behaviour model PDF 0.5MB
Santel (ETHZ) Standard-profile of cross sections PDF 1.5MB
Steiner (IDP) An improved method for travel time estimation on long freeway sections PDF 1.2MB
Tanner The determinants of energy demand of the Swiss private transportation sector
Vacca, Salani & Bierlaire (EPFL) Two-stage column generation and applications in container terminal management PDF 0.6MB
Vancheri, Giordano & Andrey Land use planning of big traffic generators PDF 1.7MB
Weis (ETHZ) Structural equations modeling of the dynamics of travel behaviourusing a pseudo panel approach – First results PDF 0.1MB
Zwanenburg: Railway switch replacements: Always more-of-the-same? N/A