2nd Swiss Transport Research Conference

STRC | 2002


Monte Verità, Ascona, Switzerland


March 20-22, 2002



IRE | Institute for Economic Research, Università della Svizzera italiana (USI)


Speaker Title University Download
Piet H.L. Bovy Multimodal travelling and its impact on public transport network design Delft University of Technology PDF 0.8MB
Piet Rietveld Parking policies and their impacts on retailing in central urban areas VU Amsterdam PDF 0.3MB
Gunnar Törnqvist Proximities in a knowledge based economy Department of Social and Economic Geography, Lunds University PDF 0.1MB

All sessions

Speaker Title Download
Badir, Tiliere, Bourquin (EPFL) Management of Large-Scale Projects Through a Federation of Web-Based Workflow Management Systems: Swissmetro Case Study PDF 0.3MB
Bierlaire & Levyraz (EPFL) DynaMIT PDF 0.1MB
Bierlaire (EPFL) The Network GEV model PDF 0.2MB
Cetin & Nagel (ETHZ) Parallel Queue Model Approach to Traffic Microsimulation PDF 0.6MB
Chevroulet (EPFL) SUMO PDF 0.4MB
Crittin & Bierlaire (EPFL) An efficient algorithm for real-time estimation and prediction of dynamic OD tablel PDF 0.5MB
Curchod & Genête (EPFL, SYSTRA) OPTIRAILS: Optimisation of traffic through the European Rail traffic management systems PDF 0.1MB
Danielis & Rotaris (UNITS) Shipper preferences for freight transport characteristics: stated-preference experiments in an Italian Region PDF 0.1MB
Dorigo, Di Caro, Gambardella (IRIDIA, IDSIA) Ant algorithms for discrete optimisation? PDF 0.3MB
Egeler (RAPP) TRANS-3: The introduction and operation of a multimodal travel information service for transport in the trinational agglomeration of Basel based on real time data PDF 0.3MB
Felix & Neuenschwander (RAPP, Ecoplan) DESIRE - Designs for interurban Road Pricing Schemes in Europe - Case Study Switzerland: Heavy Vehicles Fee LSVA PDF 0.1MB
Founou (EPFL) E-marketplaces: Potential impacts on intra- and intermodal operations and strategies of logistics and transportation companies PDF 0.2MB
Fröhlich & Axhausen (ETHZ) Development of accessibility in passenger transport in Switzerland from 1950 through 2000 PDF 0.8MB
Gambardella (IDSIA) Ant Colony Optimization PDF 0.1MB
Jermann (ETHZ) Vergleich verschiedener Ansätze der GIS gestützten Potenzialberechnung PDF 0.4MB
König & Axhausen (ETHZ) The reliability of transportation systems and its influence on the choice behaviour PDF 0.2MB
Kohler (ETHZ) Neue Erkenntnisse über die Bettungsmodul-Theorie für den Schotteroberbau PDF 0.3MB
Leyvraz, Mattenberger, Robert-Granpierre (EPFL, RGR) Reconstitution of car trips from number plates reading: A possible method without sophisticated tools PDF 0.2MB
Liaudat & Henderson (EPFL, CITEC) Large Event logistical and support traffic managemen PDF 0.9MB
Maggi (USI) Uncertainty and the expected utility travel PDF 0.1MB
Niggli & Schmutzler (UZH) What does it take to sell environmental policy in Switzerland? PDF 0.3MB
Percoco (CERTeT) Discounting for environmentel effects in infrastructureproject appraisal PDF 0.2MB
Raney & Nagel (ETHZ) Interative Route Planning for Modular Transportation Simulation PDF 0.6MB
Rizzoli & Gambardella (IDSIA) Metaheuristics for Transport and Logistics PDF 0.1MB
Roth (EPFL) Targeting air travel markets in a fluctuating context - A methodology for non-hub airports PDF 0.3MB
Schäffeler (ETHZ) Line density and frequency of public transport networks PDF 0.5MB
Seewer (ARE) Ergebnisse des Mikrozensus Verkehrsveralten 2000 PDF 0.1MB
Simma, Schlich, Axhausen (ETHZ) Destination choice modelling for different leisure activities PDF 0.1MB
Spielmann & Tietje (ETHZ) Land use of transport services: Inventory and Evaluation PDF 0.1MB
Tietje, Scholz, Steiner (ETHZ) Evaluation of cost and benefit of railway traffic noise reduction measures PDF 0.1MB
Torday, Bierlaire, Baumann (EPFL) Simulation-based evaluation on the impact of Telematics in the Lausanne area PDF 0.4MB
Widmer (ETHZ) Accessibility by air passenger transport related to Switzerland PDF 0.3MB