19th Swiss Transport Research Conference

STRC | 2019


Monte Verità, Ascona, Switzerland


May 15-17, 2019



Institute for Economic Research, Università della Svizzera italiana (USI)


Speaker Affiliation Title Download
Emma Frejinger Department of Computer Science and Operations Research, Université de Montréal Tactical transport planning under imperfect information by combining machine learning and discrete optimization PDF 4.0MB
David Hensher Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies, The University of Sydney Business School Behavioural realism: Heterogeneity in decision processes and experience conditioning PDF 1.9MB
Martin Savelsbergh H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Georgia Tech Dynamic discretization discovery algorithms for solving time-dependent shortest path problems PDF 3.5MB

All sessions

Speaker/s Affiliation Title Download
Adaimi, Kreiss, Alahi EPFL Simple clustering for an effective visual similarity model PDF 0.1MB
Aoyong & Axhausen ETHZ The accuracy of short-term passenger demand prediction for each individual area PDF 0.1MB
Ataç, Obrenović, Bierlaire EPFL An optimization framework for a vehicle sharing system PDF 1.5MB
Balac ETHZ Flying on-demand taxis: A myth or reality? PDF 0.2MB
Barmapounakis & Geroliminis EPFL Utilizing a swarm of drones for large-scale traffic measurements PDF 0.3MB
H. Becker, B. Becker, Axhausen ETHZ Impact of vehicle automation and electric propulsion on production costs for mobility services worldwide PDF 0.1MB
Beojone & Geroliminis EPFL Estimating distances, passenger-vehicle matching and positioning for ridesourcing systems PDF 1.1MB
Bahari & Alahi EPFL Feed-forwards meet recurrent networks in vehicle trajectory prediction PDF 4.3MB
Bernier, Gumy, Drevon, Kaufmann EPFL Motility as a tool to uncover mobility practices PDF 1.0MB
Bertoni, Kreiss, Alahi EPFL Uncertainty estimation in perception tasks for self-driving vehicles PDF 0.1MB
Bongiovanni, Kaspi, Cordeau, Geroliminis EPFL A learning large neighborhood search for the dynamic electric autonomous dial-a-ride problem PDF 0.1MB
Bortolomiol, Lurkin, Bierlaire EPFL A demand-based optimization approach to find market equilibria in oligopolies PDF 0.5MB
Bruno, Mueller, Alonso, Hoefler ETHZ Towards high performance mobility simulations PDF 0.3MB
Büchel & Corman ETHZ Bus running time distributions on a section level PDF 0.1MB
Chavoshi & Kouvelas ETHZ Integrated and coordinated control for highway networks PDF 0.2MB
Curtale USI Camping guests preferences for ecological procedures and willingness to pay for an ecocamping label: Evidence from a SP experiment in the Swiss context PDF 0.6MB
de Lapparent, Baillif, Bouscasse HEIG-VD Risky mode choice behavior with heterogeneous attitudes to risk: A latent class perspective PDF 0.2MB
Fischer, Bürgy, Ries UNIFR Efficient and sustainable waste collection PDF 9.1MB
Genser & Kouvelas ETHZ Dynamic congestion pricing for multi-region networks: A traffic equilibria approach PDF 2.7MB
Ghandeharioun & Kouvelas ETHZ Online fleet management for on-demand capacitated ride sharing problems PDF 0.5MB
Guidon, Tchervenkov, Becker, Axhausen ETHZ Avoiding stranded bicycles in free-floating bicycle-sharing systems: Using survival analysis to derive operational rules for rebalancing PDF 0.1MB
Hörl & Molloy ETHZ A ticket-based public transport pricing model for Switzerland PDF 3.7MB
Kagho & Axhausen Titech, ETHZ An agent-based MATSim scenario for Lagos, Nigeria PDF 1.3MB
Kothari & Alahi EPFL Human trajectory prediction using adversarial loss PDF 1.1MB
Kreiss & Alahi EPFL Next steps for social force with big data PDF 0.1MB
Krueger, Bansal, Bierlaire, Daziano, Rashidi UNSW, Cornell, EPFL Variational Bayesian inference for mixed logit models with unobserved inter- and intra-individual heterogeneity PDF 0.3MB
Kwak & Geroliminis EPFL Traffic forecasting for freeway networks by a localized linear regression time series model with a graph data dimensional reduction method PDF 0.5MB
Lamotte, Geroliminis, de Palma EPFL, CREST Metering-based priority with departure time choice PDF 1.6MB
Lederrey, Lurkin, Hillel, Bierlaire EPFL, TUe Stochastic optimization with adaptive batch size: Discrete choice models as a case study PDF 0.6MB
Liu, Kothari, Alahi EPFL Exploiting the knowledge in a discriminator of generative adversarial networks PDF 0.1MB
Livingston, Hörl, Axhausen ETHZ Review and evaluation of approaches to modeling autonomous transport modes using MATSim: A case study for Switzerland PDF 0.5MB
Loder & Axhausen ETHZ 3D-MFD-based traffic assignment PDF 0.7MB
Markov, Laumanns, Guglielmetti, de Souza, Ehsani, Fernández-Antolín Bestmile Simulation-based design and analysis of on-demand mobility services PDF 0.1MB
Marra & Corman ETHZ Analyzing the impact of different degrees of disruptions in multimodal public transport PDF 6.4MB
Molloy, Schmid, Becker ETHZ mixl: An open-source R package for estimating complex choice models on large datasets PDF 1.0MB
Molyneaux, Scarini, Bierlaire EPFL The impact on pedestrian walking times of counterflow PDF 5.0MB
Montesinos, Ouyang, Geroliminis EPFL, UIUC Hybrid modeling framework for large-scale dial-a-ride problems PDF 0.1MB
Mueller, Guerster, Schmidt, Obrenovic, Bierlaire TUM, MIT, HM, EPFL Model-based economic analysis of electrification in railway: Understanding the impact of track, operations, and uncertainties PDF 1.2MB
Pacheco Paneque, Sharif Azedh, Bierlaire EUR, EPFL Passenger satisfaction maximization within a demand-based optimization framework PDF 0.7MB
Pellegrini, Saxena, Pinjari, Dekker USI, IISc, Leeds Alternative non-additively separable utility functions for random utility maximization-based multiple discrete continuous models PDF 0.5MB
Penazzi & Ramudhin ETHZ, Hull A distributed agent-based freight simulation for large scale road network PDF 0.3MB
Pougala, Gilliéron, Geroliminis EPFL Digital and physical methods to monitor urban mobility: Multisensor benchmark for the city of Pully PDF 0.1MB
Reck & Axhausen ETHZ Understanding long-term multimodal mobility demand to inform MaaS service bundling PDF 1.5MB
Repoux, Kaspi, Boyacı, Geroliminis EPFL Predictive dynamic relocations in carsharing systems implementing complete journey reservations PDF 0.3MB
Roca-Riu & Menendez ETHZ, NYU Abu Dhabi Logistic deliveries with drones: State of the art of practice and research PDF 1.9MB
Saadatnejad & Alahi EPFL Pedestrian image generation for self-driving cars PDF 1.4MB
Scherr, Johsi, Manser, Frischknecht, Métrailler SBB, PTV Group MOBi.Plans: A microscopic, activity-based travel demand model of Switzerland PDF 1.2MB
Schatzmann, Tanner, Axhausen ETHZ Long-distance buses in Switzerland: An examination of their substitution effects for long-distance travel (50km+) PDF 0.4MB
Schmid, Molloy, Jokubauskaite, Aschauer, Peer, Hoessinger, Gerike, Jara-Diaz, Axhausen ETHZ, BOKU, WU Vienna, TU Dresden, Uchile Decomposition of the value of travel time savings into the value of leisure and the value of time assigned to travel PDF 0.4MB
Sifringer & Alahi EPFL Applications of the learning multinomial Logit in transportation: Comparing prediction and interpretation PDF 0.1MB
Sinner & Weidmann ETHZ How does rail perform against autonomous buses? Two case studies in Switzerland PDF 0.1MB
Sırmatel & Geroliminis EPFL Nonlinear model predictive variable speed limit control of freeway systems N/A
Trivella & Corman ETHZ Modeling uncertainty dynamics in public transport optimization PDF 0.9MB
Tsitsokas, Kouvelas, Geroliminis EPFL, ETHZ Optimizing dedicated bus lane allocation in bi-modal networks with dynamic congestion PDF 2.9MB
Vitins & Erath ETHZ, FHNW Destination choice modeling with spatially distributed constraints PDF 10.5MB
Vroegop USI What remains from vacations? Relevance and value of vacation memories PDF 0.6MB
Wang, Oyama, Bierlaire, Geroliminis EPFL Integrated optimization of charging stations for electric taxis PDF 2.1MB
Wicki, Guidon, Becker, Axhausen, Bernauer ETHZ How technology commitment affects willingness to use AVs: Results from realistic mode choice experiment for a self-driving shuttle service PDF 2.5MB