1st Swiss Transport Research Conference

STRC | 2001


Monte Verità, Ascona, Switzerland


March 1-3, 2001



IVT | Institute for Transport Planning and Systems, ETH Zurich

All sessions

Speaker Title Download
Bierlaire, Axhausen, Abay: Acceptance of modal innovation: The case of the Swiss Metro PDF 0.1MB
Bierlaire: A general formulation of the cross-nested logit model PDF 0.2MB
Blöchlinger, Herrmann: Funding transport systems in a federal country: The case of Switzerland PDF 0.1MB
Bolis, Maggi: Evidence on Shippers' Transport and Logistics Choice PDF 0.2MB
Buehler, Schmutzler, Ben: Quality Provision in Deregulated Industries: The Railtrack Problem PDF 0.2MB
Cetin, Nagel: Large scale transportation simulations on Beowulf Clusters PDF 0.7MB
Christe: Definition of a future use road network potential: A new approach in urban transport planning PDF 0.9MB
Crittin, Bierlaire: New algorithmic approaches for the anticipatory guidance generation problem PDF 0.4MB
Dalla Palma, Chevroulet, De Tilliere, Perret, Jaccard, Bays: Transalpine Freight Transport Systems: 2005-2020 Scenarios PDF 2.0MB
Doka, Ziegler: Complete Life Cycle Assessment for Vehicle Models of the Mobility CarSharing Fleet Switzerland PDF 0.3MB
Egeler: TRANS 3 - A multimodal travel information service for transport in the trinational agglomeration of Basel based on real time data PDF 0.1MB
Ernst, Schöbi, Geisel: Energy and Environmental Assessment of Eurometro PDF 0.1MB
Filipini, Maggi, Prioni: Cost-based Yardstick regulation in the Swiss regional public bus industry PDF 0.1MB
Gehrig, Hüglin, Hofer: Contributions of Road Traffic to Ambient PM10 and PM2.5 Concentrations PDF 0.2MB
Guglielminetti, Leyvraz, Rivier: Freight transport planning: An optimisation model for transalpine rail network PDF 0.1MB
Häfeli: Public Transport can pay: A historial analysis of transport policies in Bern (Switzerland) and Bielefeld (Germany since 1950) PDF 0.1MB
Heeb, Huber, Keller, Mauch: MODUM (Environment Mobility Model) PDF 0.2MB
Heimgartner: System Dynamic Modelling of Transportation and Land use - A First Model Draft PDF 0.2MB
Jaccard, Founou: Multimodal Transportation Account with Spatial Reference PDF 0.1MB
König, Axhausen: Modelling mode choice in the Mobidrive survey PDF 0.1MB
Koy: Auswirkungen von Zonensignalisationen (Tempo 30) in Wohngebieten auf die Verkehrssicherheit PDF 0.2MB
Laube: Verkehrsverhalten und Unfallgeschehen im Bereich von Autobahnbaustellen PDF 0.8MB
Liaudat: Les grandes manifestations: Typologie et laboratoires de gestion des mobilites PDF 0.4MB
Lucchini, Curchod, Rivier: Transalpine rail network: A capacity assessment model (CAPRES) PDF 0.3MB
Mägerle, Maggi: The benefits of car use in Switzerland - First evidence from a hedonic approach PDF 0.2MB
Martinelli, Torricelli, Pini, Widmer: For a better consideration of the demand for mobility: elements of consideration about the concept of access PDF 0.1MB
Matti: Evaluationen lokaler Verkehrslösungen: Verträglichkeitsindikatoren unter dem Aspekt der Entwicklung in Richtung Nachhaltigkeit PDF 0.1MB
Mossi, Rossel: Swissmetro: a revolution in the high-speed passenger transport systems PDF 0.2MB
Rossera: Activity analysis and transportation planning: Actual improvement or further complication? DF 0.1MBP
Roth: What role for non-hub airports in a context of fastly growing air traffic demands? PDF 0.3MB
Rudel: Leapfrog innovations in the intermodal roadrail haul industry PDF 0.1MB
Ruesch: Potentials for Modal Shift in Freight Transport PDF 0.3MB
Schlich: Measurement issues in identifying variability in travel behaviour PDF 0.1MB
Schönfelder: Some notes on space, location and travel behaviour PDF 0.4MB
Simma, Axhausen: Structures of commitment in mode use: A comparison of Switzerland, Germany and Great Britain PDF 0.1MB
Tan: Comparison of capacity between roundabout design and signalised junction design PDF 0.1MB
Torday, Bierlaire: Project Autoroutier Pilote Aubonne - Belmont pour une Initiative Lausannoise d'Evaluation par Simulation PDF 0.3MB
Wichser: Technical and operational developments needed for a better market success of intermodal freight transport PDF 0.2MB
Widmer: Do rail stations at airports allow a better distribution of air passenger demand among airports? PDF 0.1MB
Wieser, Benmoussa, Benmoussa: Project AVEA: Airship with High Carrying Capacity PDF 0.1MB
Wilhelm, Bründl, Brabec, Margreth, Amman: Mobilität und Naturgefahren - Beiträge zu einem integralen Risikomanagment PDF 0.5MB
Züger, Porchet: Roundabouts - Fuel consumption, Emissions of Pollutants, Crossing times PDF 0.3MB