14th Swiss Transport Research Conference

STRC | 2014


Monte Verità, Ascona, Switzerland


May 14-16, 2014



IRE | Istituto Ricerche Economiche, Facoltà di scienze economiche, Università della Svizzera italiana (USI)


Letizia Tronnolone | mailto:letizia.tronnolone@usi.ch


Speaker Title University Download
Prof. Emile Quinet Rail infrastructure maintenance: A new approach Paris School of Economics PDF 0.4MB
Prof. Kai Nagel The importance (?) of "stories" TU Berlin PDF 23.2MB
Prof. Carlo Ratti N/A Massachusetts Institute of Technology N/A

All sessions

Speaker Title Download
Ambort (ETHZ) Application for diminishing or avoiding the unwanted effects of traffic congestion PDF 0.3MB
Ampountolas, Zheng, Geroliminis (EPFL) Perimeter flow control of mixed bi-modal urban road networks PDF 1.8MB
Balac & Ciari (ETHZ) Modeling station-based carsharing in Switzerland PDF 0.3MB
Barth & Weidmann (ETHZ) Investigating Service Characteristics of Local Public Transport on Cross-Border Sections PDF 1.7MB
Binder, Chen, Bierlaire (EPFL) Generation and evaluation of passenger-oriented railway disposition timetables PDF 2.4MB
Bodenmann, Sanchez, Bode, Zeiler, Kuliowksy, Furtak, Axhausen (regioConcept, ESMO, ETHZ) FaLC Land-Use and Transport Interaction Model for Switzerland: first results PDF 3.9MB
Boesch & Ciari (ETHZ) Climate Change Influence on Swiss Transport, Tourism and Energy – A Stakeholders’ Perspective PDF 0.6MB
Boyacı & Geroliminis (EPFL) Hypercube Queuing Models for Emergency Response Systems PDF 1.6MB
Cao & Menendez (ETHZ) Macroscopic modelling of parking dynamics in urban networks (Part I) PDF 0.7MB
Danalet & Bierlaire (EPFL) A path choice approach to activity modeling with a pedestrian case study PDF 0.9MB
Dubernet & Axhausen (ETHZ) Solution Concepts for the Simulation of Household-Level Joint Decision Making in Multi-Agent Travel Simulation Tools PDF 0.9MB
Emery (ETHZ) Why not a "last clear" signal aspect? PDF 1.6MB
Fernández-Antolín, Stathopoulos, Bierlaire (EPFL) Exploratory Analysis of Endogeneity in Discrete Choice Models PDF 0.2MB
Ge, Ortigosa, Menendez (ETHZ) Traffic demand pattern generation for a grid network based on experiment design PDF 1.2MB
Glerum, Frejinger, Karlström, Beser Hugosson, Bierlaire (EPFL) A dynamic discrete-continuous choice model for car ownership and usage: estimation procedure PDF 0.3MB
Hänseler, Molyneaux, Bierlaire, Stathopoulos (EPFL) Schedule-based estimation of pedestrian demand within a railway station PDF 0.6MB
He, Guler, Menendez (ETHZ) The effects of pre-signals at an isolated intersection: simulation results PDF 0.3MB
Horni & Axhausen (ETHZ) Gridlock Modeling with MATSim PDF 3.8MB
Jackson, Bruckmann, Ott, Weidmann (ETHZ) Improving the Forecast of Freight Transport Demand Using Machine Learning and Time Series Methods PDF 0.8MB
Janzen, Charypar, Axhausen (ETHZ) Long Term Simulation of a Continuous Target-Based Model PDF 0.2MB
Jeannet, Kowald, Justen (ARE) Territorial based Modal-Split analysis of mobility behavior in Swiss agglomerations PDF 0.9MB
Kaeslin, Lieberherr, Scherr (SBB) Demand data for dynamic passenger assignment within the Swiss national rail model PDF 2.8MB
Kalakou, Bierlaire, Moura (EPFL) Effects of terminal planning on passenger choices PDF 0.4MB
Kaufmann, Messer, Audikana (EPFL) The limits of the new tram network in Geneva PDF 0.2MB
Kazagli & Bierlaire (EPFL) Revisiting Route Choice Modeling: A Multi-Level Modeling Framework for Route Choice Behavior PDF 2.1MB
Markov, Varone, Bierlaire (EPFL) Vehicle Routing for a Complex Waste Collection Problem PDF 0.7MB
Marti & Weidmann (ETHZ) Interdependencies and synergies between urban public transport systems and the built environment: framework for system analysis PDF 0.8MB
De Martinis & Weidmann (UNINA, ETHZ) The evaluation of energy efficient solutions in train operation: a simulation-based approach PDF 0.8MB
Molyneaux, Hänseler, Bierlaire (EPFL) Modelling of train-induced pedestrian flows in railway stations PDF 0.7MB
Montini, Rieser-Schüssler, Axhausen (ETHZ) Personalisation in multi-day GPS and accelerometer data processing PDF 0.4MB
Munafò, Christie, Vincent-Geslin, Ravalet, Kaufmann (EPFL) The Evolution of Modal Choice Among Motorised Professionally Active People In Three Swiss Cities, 1994-2011 PDF 0.6MB
Nikolić, Bierlaire, Farooq (EPFL) Probabilistic speed-density relationship for pedestrians based on data driven space and time representation PDF 1.4MB
Ortigosa, Thomann, Ge, Menendez (ETHZ) Dynamic properties of grid urban networks PDF 1.4MB
Ramezani, Haddad, Geroliminis (EPFL) Integrating heterogeneity dynamics in aggregated urban network modeling and control PDF 0.5MB
Ravalet, Christie,  Munafò, Kaufmann (EPFL) Analysis of walking in five Swiss cities: a quantitative and spatial approach PDF 0.6MB
Ravalet, Vincent-Geslin, Dubois (EPFL) High mobility… to have a job? PDF 1.2MB
Reinhold, Laesser, Bazzi (HSG) The intellectual structure of transportation management research N/A
Repoux, Boyacı, Geroliminis (EPFL) An event-based simulation for optimizing one-way car-sharing systems PDF 1.1MB
Rigal & Rudler (EPFL) Post-Car World: Why Laugh at Change? Definitions of the Car and Potential Changes PDF 4.6MB
Robenek, Chen, Bierlaire (EPFL) The Ideal Train Timetabling Problem PDF 2.5MB
Saeedmanesh, Geroliminis (EPFL, ENAC, LUTS) Observing MFDs for Heterogeneous Traffic Networks with Stop-Line Loop Detector Data PDF 12.5MB
Sarlas & Axhausen (ETHZ) Towards a direct demand modeling approach PDF 0.2MB
Sarman (USI) Swiss second-home owners’ intention to move to their dwelling: An integrated ordered logit model with latent variables PDF 0.4MB
Scagnolari, Gogov, Maggi (USI) An Image-Based SP Experiment to Measure Willingness to Pay of Residents and Tourists for Improving Quality of Urban Areas PDF 0.6MB
Scagnolari, Gogov, Maggi (USI) The role of urban landscape perception for ancillary spend of visitors to cultural institutions PDF 1.5MB
Scarinci, Lopez, Chen, Bierlaire (EPFL) Optimization of the network design of a futuristic transport system based on moving walkways PDF 4.9MB
Sturm (USI) Behavioral Theory and Modelling Travel Decision Processes in Leisure Tourism PDF 0.4MB
Tanner Explaining the households' decision on car ownership and use using an approach based on an indirect utility function PDF 0.3MB
Theodoridou,  Guler, Menendez (ETHZ) An Analytical Approach for Modeling Tolled Bus Lanes PDF 0.1MB
Varotto, Glerum, Stathopoulos, Bierlaire (EPFL) Modeling travel time perception in transport mode choices PDF 1.0MB
Villeneuve (EPFL) The new prevalence of public-private partnerships in the production of Light Rail Transit Systems in Canada PDF 1.7MB
Yildirimoglu & Geroliminis (EPFL) Approximating Equilibrium Conditions with Macroscopic Fundamental Diagrams PDF 0.9MB
Zeiler, Sarlas, Kuliowksy, Bodenmann, Sanchez, Bode, Furtak, Axhausen (regioConcept, ESMO, ETHZ) FaLC Transport Simulation Module: How accurate can simplified travel time calculations be? PDF 2.2MB
Zheng & Geroliminis (EPFL) A Dynamic Approach for Influencing Multimodal Mobility of Buses and Cars with Limited Parking PDF 0.7MB
Zöllig Renner & Axhausen (ETHZ) Heterogeneous real estate developers in an integrated land use transport simulation PDF 10.8MB