5th Swiss Transport Research Conference

STRC | 2005


Monte Verità, Ascona, Switzerland


March 9-11, 2005



IVT | Institute for Transport Planning and Systems, ETH Zurich


Michael Löchl | mailto:loechl@ivt.baug.ethz.ch


Speaker Title University Download
Prof. Fritz Busch Intelligent transport systems - Concepts and instruments of modern transport management: State of the art Traffic Engineering and Control, TU Munich PDF 5.8MB
K. Kitazawa New approaches to urban modelling: Agents, cells, representations and visualizations Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA), UCL PDF 8.3MB
Prof. Erik Verhoef The economics of urban road pricing Department of Spatial Economics, VU University of Amsterdam PDF 0.3MB
Prof. Paul Waddell OPUS: An Open Platform for Urban Simulation Director of Center for Urban Simulation and Policy Analysis, UW PDF 5.2MB

All sessions

Speaker Title Download
Abay (RappTrans) What to do with the changes in the revenues of transport operators in cost-benefit analysis? PDF 0.1MB
Abel (RappTrans) SPIN - Scanning the Potential for Intermodal Transport PDF 0.8MB
Balmer, Vogel, Nagel (ETHZ, TU Berlin) Shape Morphing of Intersections Using Curbside Oriented Driver Simulation PDF 5.2MB
Balmer, Rieser, Vogel, Axhausen, Nagel (ETHZ, TU Berlin) Generating Day Plans Based on Origin-Destination Matrices - A comparison study between VISUM and MATSIM based on Kanton Zurich data PDF 0.5MB
Balmer & Bernard, Axhausen (ETHZ) Matching Geo-Coded Graphs PDF 0.7MB
Baumann & Dumont (EPFL) Project Evaluation and Choice Criteria for Automatic Thawing-Agent Spraying Systems PDF 0.2MB
Baumeler, Simma, Schlich (ARE, SBB) Impact of Spatial Variables on Shopping Trip Generation PDF 0.1MB
Beige (ETHZ) Tourist Behaviour in Alpine Regions of Switzerland PDF 1.4MB
Bernard (ETHZ) New Design Concepts for Transport Infastructures PDF 0.3MB
Bert, Torday, Dumont (EPFL) Calibration of urban network microsimulation models PDF 0.5MB
Besters, Wichser, Weidmann (ETHZ) Elaboration of East-West Market Development Strategies for Intermodal Transport PDF 0.6MB
Bhaskar, Chung, Kuwahara (EPFL) DRONE - a tool for urban traffic noise abatement policy evaluation PDF 1.6MB
Bierlaire & Themans (EPFL) Algorithmic developments for the estimate of advanced discrete choice models PDF 0.3MB
Bierlaire & Themans (EPFL) Development of Swiss models for transportation demand prediction in response to real-time information PDF 0.2MB
Bürgle, Löchl, Waldner (ETHZ) Integrated Transport and Land Use Simulation for Zurich PDF 1.0MB
Caduff & Timpf (UZH) Weaving the Landmark Web PDF 1.0MB
Chalasani (ETHZ) Enriching household travel survey data: Experiences from the Microcensus 2000 PDF 0.4MB
Emery (EPFL) SBB Regional Transport: Evolution of the passenger services - Case study of the Canton of Vaud PDF 1.9MB
Fauconnet (UNIGE) Urban project: For a better understanding of the processes of projects PDF 0.4MB
Flamm (EPFL) A qualitative perspective on travel time experience PDF 0.4MB
Frejinger & Bierlaire (EPFL) Route choice models with subpath components PDF 0.7MB
Friesen (HSG) Capital Market's Assessment of European Airline Mergers and Acquisitions - The Case of Air France and KLM PDF 0.1MB
Gontran, Gillieron, Skaloud (EPFL) Precise Road Geometry for Integrated Transport Safety Systems PDF 0.3MB
Graf (HSG) Incompatibilities of the low-cost and full service business models within the same airline PDF 0.2MB
Hackney & Axhausen (ETHZ) Speed of Transit in Zurich PDF 0.4MB
Hess & Axhausen (ICL, ETHZ): Distributional assumptions in the representation of random taste heterogeneity PDF 0.3MB
Hess, Bierlaire, Polak (ICL, EPFL) Discrete mixtures of GEV models PDF 0.2MB
Hess, Bierlaire, Polak (ICL, EPFL) Mixed GEV modelling of mode-choice PDF 0.2MB
Hess, Bierlaire, Polak (ICL, EPFL) Interpretation of counter-intuitively signed value of travel-time saving estimates PDF 0.1MB
Hürlimann (UZH) The Swiss Path Towards the "Railway of the Future". Technological Innovations and Institutional Change at Swiss Federal Railways in the Context of European Developments, 1970-2000 PDF 0.2MB
Huguenin & Dumont (EPFL) Evaluation of traffic safety using microsimulation PDF 0.2MB
Huwer (Basler&Hofmann) Transport Demand Management to Facilitate Urban Regeneration - Best Practice from London PDF 0.7MB
Jemelin (EPFL) Quality processes in public transport: A new way to increase ridership? PDF 0.2MB
Knoepfel & Savary (IDHEAP) Revisiting the policies of urban mobility PDF 0.3MB
Koy & Spacek (ETHZ) Speed on upgrades and downgrades PDF 1.8MB
Lehner-Lierz (velo:consult) BYPAD: applying quality management techniques to improve local cycling policy PDF 0.5MB
Löchl, Axhausen, Schönfelder (ETHZ) Analysing Swiss longitudinal travel data PDF 0.4MB
Marchal, Hackney, Axhausen (ETHZ) Efficient map-matching of large GPS data sets - Test on a speed monitoring experiment in Zurich PDF 0.3MB
Meister, Frick, Axhausen (ETHZ) Generating daily activity schedules for households using Genetic Algorithms PDF 0.7MB
Raya & Hubaux (EPFL) Security Aspects of Inter-Vehicle Communications PDF 0.2MB
Rodriguez, Ould-Henia, Dumont (EPFL) Predictive method for evaluation of pavement rutting PDF 1.3MB
Rudel & Maggi (IRE) The evaluation of quality attributes of freight transport services at the company level PDF 0.1MB
Schäffeler (ETHZ) Maximisation of subjective attractiveness of public transport in urban areas PDF 1.1MB
Sokolov & Partl (EMPA) Traffic Simulation Test with Road Reflectors PDF 0.9MB
Tan (ITRA) Transit priority performance at signalised junctions PDF 0.2MB
Thomas (Fussverkehr Schweiz) Research Project on Behaviour at Pedestrian Crossing PDF 0.4MB
Torday & Dumont (EPFL) Self supplied navigation systems: Microsimulation-based performance assessment PDF 0.3MB
Ullius (ETHZ) Optimizing railway timetables with OpenTimeTable PDF 1.5MB
Waldner (ETHZ) Automatic Matching of large, detailed Street Networks - An algorithm with curve and attribute affinity and its evaluation PDF 0.6MB