21st Swiss Transport Research Conference

STRC | 2021


Monte Verità, Ascona, Switzerland


September 12-14, 2021



IIDE-HEIG-VD | School of Management and Engineering Vaud HES-SO


Speaker Affiliation Title Download
Ludovic Leclercq Université Gustave Eiffel Recent advances in multimodal MFD urban models PDF 14.3MB
Constantinos Antoniou Department of Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering, TU Munich Modeling emerging urban mobility PDF 40.1MB

All sessions

Speaker/s Affiliation Title Discussant Download
Adaimi, Kreiss, Alahi EPFL Composite association fields with supervised deformable convolutions for scene graph generation Bahari PDF 2.5MB
Anagnostopoulos, Barmpounakis, Geroliminis EPFL Identifying lateral deviations in congested urban arterials with aerial footage Ghandeharioun NA
Ataç, Obrenović, Bierlaire EPFL, University of Novi Sad A multi-objective approach for station clustering in bike sharing systems Zhu PDF 16.6MB
Bahari, Nejjar, Alahi EPFL Injecting knowledge in data-driven vehicle trajectory predictors Kim PDF 2.5MB
Balać & Hörl ETHZ / IRT SystemX Reconstructing activity locations from zone-based trip data for discrete choice modeling Kukic PDF 1.6MB
Beojone & Geroliminis EPFL Repositioning idle vehicles in ridesplitting operations using pricing Wang NA
Bongiovanni, Bortolomiol, Bierlaire EPFL Optimization algorithms for advanced behavioral demand models Stokkink PDF 0.4MB
Bortolomiol, Lurkin, Bierlaire, Bongiovanni EPFL Benders decomposition for choice-based optimization problems with discrete upper-level variables Li PDF 0.6MB
Brunner, Makridis, Kouvelas ETHZ An empirical response time analysis for automated vehicles systems Livingston NA
Chang & Zheng ETHZ / Tsinghua University High-speed rail and the spatial pattern of new firm births: Evidence from China Schultheiss PDF 1.0MB
Chavoshi & Kouvelas ETHZ Distributed control for laneless and directionless movement of connected and automated vehicles Fayed NA
Cortes Balcells, Krueger, Bierlaire EPFL Activity-based modeling and simulation of epidemics Manser & Haering PDF 0.7MB
Eggermond & Erath FHNW Using backcasting to support corporate mobility management Ortelli NA
Danalet, Justen, Mathys ARE Trip generation in Switzerland, 2015-2030 Erath PDF 1.0MB
Danalet, Justen, Mathys ARE Working from home in Switzerland, 2015-2050 Schmid PDF 3.7MB
Erath & Mesaric FHNW Long-term impact of COVID-19 on commuting patterns of employees: Evidence from surveys on intended behavior in two large organizations Reck PDF 1.6MB
Espadaler Clapés, Barmpounakis, Geroliminis EPFL Turn prediction utilizing naturalistic data from a swarm of drones Meister NA
Fayed & Geroliminis EPFL Space allocation for mutli-modal urban networks with ridesplitting services and public transportation Chavoshi PDF 5.2MB
Genser, Hautle, Makridis, Kouvelas ETHZ An urban case study with arious data sources and a model for traffic estimation Tsitsokas PDF 11.6MB
Ghandeharioun, Rau, Kouvelas ETHZ Link travel time estimation with spatial correlations based on OD data Anagnostopoulos NA
Guo, Mordan, Alahi EPFL Pedestrian stop and go forecasting with hybrid feature fusion Winkler PDF 3.8MB
Hillel EPFL New perspectives on the performance of machine learning classifiers for mode choice prediction: An experimental review Wong PDF 0.6MB
Jusup, Trivella, Corman ETHZ A review of real-time railway and metro rescheduling models using learning algorithms Saadatnejad PDF 1.2MB
Kagho, Balać, Axhausen ETHZ Foundations of agent based models in transport planning - Definition, applications, tools and progress Mesaric NA
Kim, Barmpounakis, Geroliminis EPFL Traffic monitoring and queue identification with UAV footage in the congested urban networks Guidon PDF 47.4MB
Kukic & Bierlaire EPFL The case of population synthesis at the level of the households Lederrey PDF 0.7MB
Krauss, Reck, Axhausen ETHZ How does transport supply and mobility behaviour impact preferences for MaaS bundles? A multi-city approach Zwick PDF 0.5MB
Kuster UNISG Option value of passenger transport - Examining the perceived value of transport options Schatzmann PDF 0.7MB
Lederrey, Hillel, Bierlaire EPFL DATGAN: Integrating expert knowledge into deeplearning for population synthesis Balać PDF 1.2MB
Liu, Yan, Alahi EPFL Social NCE: Contrastive learning of socially-aware motion representations Espadaler Clapés NA
Livingston ETHZ Digging deeper into the potential effects of automated vehicles on Switzerland’s transportation system Brunner NA
Luh PSI First steps towards incorporating E-charging infrastructures for heterogeneous consumer segments in an energy systems optimization model Rezvany PDF 2.1MB
Manser, Haering, Hillel, Pougala, Krueger, Bierlaire SBB / EPFL Resolving time conflicts in activity-based scheduling: A case study of Lausanne Cortes Balcells PDF 0.4MB
Marra & Corman ETHZ A deep learning model for predicting route choice in public transport Sifringer PDF 0.7MB
Meister, Gupta, Axhausen ETHZ Descriptive route choice analysis of cyclists in Zurich Liu PDF 18.4MB
Mesaric, Eggermond, Erath, Axhausen FHNW / ETHZ Calibration of a regional agent-based travel demand model to simulate the spread of COVID-19 Kagho NA
Ortelli, Bierlaire, de Lapparent HEIG / EPFL Can we infer on behavioral impacts of public policy on accident severity outcomes? Tchervenkov PDF 0.4MB
Pougala, Hillel, Bierlaire EPFL Choice set generation for activity-based models Kuster PDF 0.8MB
Reck, Martin, Axhausen ETHZ Mode choice, substitution patterns and environmental impacts of shared and personal micro-mobility Danalet PDF 1.0MB
Rezvany, Hillel, Bierlaire EPFL Integrated models of transport and energy demand: A literature review and framework Luh PDF 2.2MB
Zhu, Sirmatel, Geroliminis EPFL Rebalancing idle vehicles via distributed coverage control in mobility-on-demand systems Ataç NA
Saadatnejad, Parsaeifard, Liu, Mordan, Alahi EPFL Learning decoupled representations for human pose forecasting Jusup PDF 0.8MB
Schatzmann, Molloy, Axhausen ETHZ Towards web-based mode choice experiments in transportation Pougala NA
Schultheiss EPFL Exploring causalities between modal habits, activity scheduling, and multi-day locational practices Chang PDF 14.4MB
Schmid, Schatzmann, Winkler, Axhausen ETHZ A two-stage travel survey approach to estimate the value of travel time in Switzerland Balmer NA
Sifringer EPFL Concept-NN: Substituting complex functions in decision models with constrained representation learning Marra PDF 7.5MB
Stokkink & Geroliminis EPFL A continuum approximation approach to the hub location problem in a crowd-shipping system Bortolomiol NA
Tchervenkov ETHZ The impact of employer fringe benefits on commuting to work by car in Switzerland Eggermond PDF 1.0MB
Tsitsokas, Kouvelas, Geroliminis EPFL / ETHZ Efficient max-pressure traffic signal control for large-scale congested urban networks Genser PDF 3.4MB
Winkler, Mesaric, Axhausen ETHZ Mind the gap! How tragic are interruptions in GPS traces for time use and mobility studies? Mordan PDF 1.2MB
Wang & Geroliminis EPFL Investigating the impact of ride-splitting revenue optimization on service and traffic operation Beojone NA
Wong, Martín-Baos, Bierlaire EPFL / UCLM A unimodal ordered logit model for ranked choices Hillel PDF 0.9MB
Zhu, Sirmatel, Trecate, Geroliminis EPFL Rebalancing idle vehicles via distributed coverage control in mobility-on-demand systems Ataç PDF 3.7MB
Zwick & Axhausen ETHZ Spatial ride-pooling demand and its transferability to new cities Krauss PDF 3.8MB