4th Swiss Transport Research Conference

STRC | 2004


Monte Verità, Ascona, Switzerland


March 25-26, 2004


All sessions

Speaker Title Download
Antonini, Bierlaire, Weber (EPFL) Simulation of Pedestrian Behaviour using a Discrete Choice Model Calibrated on Actual Motion Data PDF 1.5MB
Balmer, Raney, Nagel (ETHZ) Agent-Based Activities Planning for an Iterative Traffic Simulation of Switzerland PDF 0.3MB
Baumann, Torday, Dumont (EPFL) The importance of computing intermodal roundtrips in multimodal guidance systems PDF 0.2MB
Beige (ETHZ) Ownership of Mobility Tools in Switzerland PDF 0.3MB
Bernard (ETHZ) Notes on the Design Concepts for Transport Infrastructures: Past and Future PDF 0.6MB
Bieger & Laesser (HSG) The market entry of low cost airlines: Implications for mode choice on selected routes between Switzerland and Germany PDF 0.1MB
Carle, Keller, Wokaun, Axhausen (ETHZ) Market Potential of natural gas cars in the Swiss Vehicle Sector PDF 0.1MB
Chalasani (ETHZ) Travel data archiving: An art of presenting and preserving travel survey data PDF 0.2MB
Charypar, Graf, Nagel (ETHZ) Q-learning for flexible learning of daily activity plans PDF 0.8MB
Frick Generating Synthetic Populations using IPF and Monte Carlo Techniques: Some New Results N/A
Fröhlich & Fonfara (ETHZ) A method for estimating road slope and curvature parameters for capacity calculation PDF 0.3MB
Gehrig, Hill, Buchmann (EMPA, PSI) In-field verification of PM10 emission factors of road traffic PDF 0.2MB
Gloor, Stucki, Nagel (ETHZ) Hybrid Techniques for Pedestrian Simulations PDF 0.7MB
Hackney (ETHZ) Discrete Choice Models for Long-Distance Travel based on the DATELINE Survey PDF 0.4MB
Hilber, Arendt (ARE) Development of accessibility in Switzerland between 2000 and 2020: first results PDF 1.4MB
Hodel-Widmer & Cong (UZH) PSOS, Parking Space Optimization Service PDF 0.1MB
Kölble (ETHZ) New technologies increase efficiency in intermodal transport PDF 1.3MB
König (ETHZ) How does Reliability influence daily life? Some new SP-Experiments N/A
Marchal, Balmer, Nagel (ETHZ) Comparisons of dynamic traffic patterns generated by large-scale network simulations N/A
Marchal & Nagel (ETHZ) Modelling location choice in activity based models with cooperative agents PDF 0.9MB
Marconi, Simma, Gindraux (ARE, SFSO) The Swiss Microcensus 2005: An International Comparison on Travel Behaviour PDF 0.3MB
Oliva, Hüttenmoser Oliva (Oliva & Co.) Aircraft Accident Database Project – A Focus on Contextual Analysis PDF 0.3MB
Petersen & Matthews (FEDRO, PTV) Intermodal transalpine www.truckinfo.ch system PDF 0.3MB
Poulikakos, Takahashi, Partl (EMPA, JHRI) A comparison of Swiss and Japanese porous asphalt through various mechanical tests PDF 0.1MB
Raney & Nagel (ETHZ) An Improved Framework for Large-Scale Multi-Agent Simulations of Travel Behavior PDF 0.8MB
Seiler (ETHZ) Is the correlation between pavement skid resistance and accident frequency significant? PDF 0.4MB
Torday, Bert, Dumont (EPFL) Route choice relevance in complex urban network micro-simulation models PDF 0.1MB
Torday & Dumont (EPFL) Parameters influencing probe vehicle based travel time estimation accuracy PDF 0.5MB
Tschopp, Keller, Fröhlich, Axhausen (ETHZ) Are Swiss traffic and land use policy consistent? PDF 0.5MB