16th Swiss Transport Research Conference

STRC | 2016


Monte Verità, Ascona, Switzerland


May 18-20, 2016



IVT | Institute for Transport Planning and Systems, ETH Zurich


Speaker Title University Download
Hani S. Mahmassani Autonomous vehicles, market adoption and flow implications NU Chicago PDF 21.5MB
Nathalie Picard Transportation economics and the family THEMA, Cergy-Pontoise PDF 1.0MB
Jaume Barceló Bi-level optimization models for adjustment of time-sliced OD matrices inLab, BarcelonaTech PDF 5.0MB

All sessions

Speaker Title Download
Ambühl, Ciari, Menendez (ETHZ) What about space? A simulation based assessment of AVs impact on road space in urban areas PDF 0.3MB
Balac & Axhausen Implementing induced and suppressed demand in MATSim – first insights N/A
Becker, Ciari, Axhausen (ETHZ) Comparing Car-Sharing Schemes in Switzerland: User Groups and Usage Patterns N/A
Bellochi & Geroliminis (EPFL) Dynamical efficiency in congested road networks PDF 0.5MB
Binder, Maknoon, Bierlaire (EPFL) Exploring Pareto solutions of the multi-objective railway disruption management plan N/A
Bösch, Müller, Ciari (ETHZ) The IVT 2015 Baseline Scenario PDF 1.9MB
Bongiovanni & Gerliminis (EPFL) Autonomous Dial-a-Ride Transit Systems: Optimization and adaptive network design strategies for large complex networks N/A
Borriello (USI) Pleasure of driving components: a partial least square – path modeling approach PDF 0.8MB
Borriello, Scagnolari, Maggi (USI) Is the pleasure of driving a constraint for leaving the car? PDF 0.7MB
Cao & Menendez (ETHZ) Parking condition and parking search in the city of Zurich PDF 0.6MB
Curtale (USI) Family decisions in tourism activities: the influence of the children PDF 0.2MB
Ding, Axhausen, Shuhai (SWJTU, ETHZ) A speed limit scheme to enhance carpooling in the presence of HOV lanes in degradable networks PDF 0.6MB
Dubernet & Axhausen (ETHZ) Using a Joint Destination-Mode Choice Model for Developping Accessibility Measures PDF 11.9MB
Dubernet/Ehreke & Axhausen (ETHZ) The choice of workplace and residential location in Germany PDF 0.6MB
Emery (EPFL) Green indication in the Speed Info Area of the ETCS-DMI PDF 0.3MB
Fernández Antolín, de Lapparent, Bierlaire (EPFL) Uncovering substitution patterns in new car sales using a cross nested logit model PDF 1.1MB
Fuhrer (ETHZ) Ex- post Analyses of Spatial Effects due to Changes in Transport Supply, a Literature Review PDF 0.5MB
Fröhlich, Weis, Vrtic, Widmer, Aemisegger (TransSol, TransOptima, büro Widmer) Value of Reliability in Swiss Transport Systems PDF 0.5MB
Ge & Menendez (ETHZ) Application framework for global sensitivity analysis in traffic simulation PDF 0.6MB
Giger, Marti, Reinhard (BfS) The Federal Statistical Office’s Transport Statistics System PDF 0.6MB
He & Menendez (ETHZ) Empirical comparison between longer and shorter weaving sections in Switzerland PDF 2.7MB
Jakob & Menendez (ETHZ) A macroscopic off-street parking decision model PDF 0.1MB
Janzen, Vanhoof, Axhausen, Smoreda (ETHZ, Orange Labs) Estimating Long-Distance Travel Demand with Mobile Phone Billing Data PDF 0.6MB
Kaspi, Raviv, Tsur (TAU) Bike Sharing Systems: User Dissatisfaction in the Presence of Unusable Bicycles PDF 0.9MB
Kazagli & Bierlaire (EPFL) Assessing complex route choice models using mental representations PDF 1.8MB
Khaligh & Weidmann (ETHZ) A Conceptual Framework for the Interactions of Autonomous Public Transport Systems and Urban Planning Guidelines N/A
Kouvelas, Saeedmanesh, Geroliminis (EPFL) A convex formulation for model predictive perimeter flow control in multi-region cities PDF 1.1MB
Lamotte, Kouvelas, Geroliminis (EPFL) Estimation of macroscopic traffic variables in cities with big but sparse multi-sensor data PDF 1.1MB
Leng & Weidmann (ETHZ) Design of passenger oriented timetable rescheduling in railway disruptions PDF 0.4MB
Loder & Axhausen (ETHZ) Urban mode and subscription choice - An application of the three-dimensional MFD N/A
Marti & Weidmann (ETHZ) Understanding public transport and built environment integration at the neighborhood scale: Towards a method for holistic quantitative assessment PDF 0.5MB
Mamdoohi, Axhausen, Mahpour, Rashidi, Saffarzadeh (TMU, ETHZ, rCITI) Are there latent effects in shopping destination choice? Survey methods and response behavior PDF 1.0MB
Mancera, Klaas, Weidmann (ETHZ) Technical approach to measure customer orientation for freight transportation N/A
Markov, Maknoon, Cordeau, Varone, Bierlaire (EPFL) Inventory routing with non-stationary stochastic demands N/A
De Martinis & Weidmann (ETHZ) The use of on-board monitoring data for the evaluation of potential energy savings: an application to freight trains PDF 0.8MB
Meyer de Freitas, Schuemperlin, Balac (ETHZ) Road pricing: An analysis of equity effects with MATSim PDF 5.2MB
Mueller (ETHZ) Updating the Switzerland population for MATSim N/A
Murashkin & Geroliminis (EPFL) How searching taxis will distribute around the city – static and dynamic modeling N/A
Nikolic & Bierlaire (EPFL) Data-driven characterization of pedestrian flows N/A
Ortigosa & Menendez (ETHZ) Analytical formulations of congestion propagation PDF 1.0MB
Pacheco Paneque, Azadeh, Bierlaire (EPFL) A new mathematical representation of demand using choice-based optimization method PDF 0.4MB
Pellegrini (USI) Transportation mode and overnights stays: sequential or simultaneous choices? PDF 0.3MB
Poletti, Fuchs, Bösch (ETHZ) The influence of railroad crossings on networks in the MATSim environment PDF 0.7MB
Robenek, Maknoon, Azadeh, Bierlaire (EPFL) Impacts of Cyclicity in Passenger Railway Timetables N/A
Roca-Riu, Fernández, Menendez (ETHZ) Urban Parking Facilities with pre-booking system N/A
Rothenfluh & Menendez (ETHZ) Road safety at nodes: The impact of nodes operation on accident patterns PDF 1.5MB
Saeedmanesh & Geroliminis (EPFL) Contiguity-constrained partitioning of heterogeneous urban networks PDF 0.7MB
Samoili & Menendez (ETHZ) The impact of autonomous vehicles in highways and freeways PDF 0.7MB
Sarlas & Axhausen (ETHZ) Exploring spatial methods for prediction of traffic volumes PDF 0.9MB
Scherr & Bützberger (SBB) Calibration of the Swiss Rail Model Using Longitudinal Demand Observation PDF 0.7MB
Schirmer (FPRE) Residential location choice Switzerland N/A
Schmid, Schmutz, Axhausen (ETHZ) Post-Car World: Exploring the choice between in-store and online shopping PDF 1.2MB
Schreiber, Loder, Axhausen (WISC, ETHZ) Urban mode and subscription choice - An application of the three-dimensional MFD PDF 1.2MB
Sinner & Weidmann (ETHZ) Defining bus and train in the light of upcoming automation N/A
Sirmatel & Geroliminis (EPFL) Model Predictive Control of Urban Networks with Perimeter Control and Route Guidance PDF 0.3MB
Sojka (ETHZ) The railway level crossing: Synergy effects between rail and road infrastructure capacity PDF 0.2MB
Todesco, Weidmann, Haefeli (Rapp Trans, ETHZ, Interface) Logistics Sprawl in the Region Zurich PDF 1.0MB
Toletti & Weidmann (ETHZ) Modelling customer inconvenience in train rescheduling PDF 2.3MB
Wehres, Azadeh, Maknoon, Bierlaire (EPFL) Modeling Uncertainty for a Catenary-free Electrical Bus PDF 0.8MB
Yang & Menendez (ETHZ) Robustness of a signal control algorithm in a connected vehicle environment PDF 0.5MB
Yildirimoglu & Geroliminis (EPFL) Observing and reconstructing aggregated dynamic route choice patterns for large-scale networks N/A