9th Swiss Transport Research Conference

STRC | 2009


Monte Verità, Ascona, Switzerland


September 9-11, 2009



IVT | Institute for Transport Planning and Systems, ETH Zurich


Veronika Killer | mailto:veronika.killer@baug.ivt.ethz.ch


Speaker Title University Download
Serge Hoogendoorn Transportation modeling and management for emergencies Transport Planning, TU Delft PDF 3.1MB
Peter Nijkamp Mobile telephone data and traffic management: Exploratory research Free University, Amsterdam PDF 2.1MB | WMV 16.4MB | AVI 152.0MB
Susan Hanson Gender and mobility - Implications for sustainability Clarc University, Worcester PDF 6.7MB

All sessions

Speaker Title Download
Bhaskar, Chung, Dumont (EPFL, QUT) Integrating cumulative plots and probe vehicle for travel time estimation on signalized urban network PDF 7.1MB
Bierlaire & Fetiarison (EPFL) Estimation of discrete choice models: extending BIOGEME PDF 0.2MB
Bierlaire, Hurtubia, Flötteröd (EPFL) A comparative analysis of implicit and explicit methods to model choice set generation PDF 0.1MB
Bierlaire, Newman, Chen (EPFL) A method of probabilistic map distribution of path likelihood PDF 0.2MB
Bouza, Ulli-Beer, Dietrich, Wokaun (PSI) Comparison of Possible Transformation Processes in the Automobile Industry PDF 1.2MB
Buri & Tzieropoulos (EPFL) Increasing line capacity with constant infrastructure PDF 0.4MB
Ciari (ETHZ) Modeling collective taxis in a multi-agent traffic simulation framework PDF 1.8MB
Dobler, Balmer, Axhausen (ETHZ) Simulation of Information Oriented Knowledge Models PDF 0.3MB
Eggenberg & Marla (EPFL) Congestion in a competitive world: A study of the impact of competition on airline operations PDF 0.5MB
Emery (EPFL) Reducing the headway on high-speed lines PDF 0.1MB
Erath & Axhausen (ETHZ) Mobility Costs and Residence Location Choice PDF 0.5MB
Feil, Balmer, Axhausen (ETHZ) Enhancement and empirical estimation ofMATSim’s utility function PDF 0.8MB
Feil, Balmer, Axhausen (ETHZ) New approaches to generating comprehensive all-day activity-travel schedules PDF 1.2MB
Flötteröd (EPFL) Cadyts – a free calibration tool for dynamic traffic simulations PDF 0.3MB
Geroliminis (EPFL) Queue spillovers in city street networks withsignal-controlled intersections PDF 0.5MB
Guth, Holz-Rau, Maciolek (TU Dortmund) Employment suburbanisation and commuter traffic in German city regions PDF 1.9MB
Horni, Scott, Balmer, Axhausen (ETHZ, McMaster) Location Choice Modeling for Shopping and Leisure Activities with MATSim: Utility Function Extension and Validation Results PDF 2.2MB
Joubert (UP) Inferring commercial vehicle activities from GPS data PDF 4.6MB
Kowald, Frei, Hackney, Illenberger, Axhausen (ETHZ) Collecting data on Leisure Travel: The Link between Leisure Acquaintances and Social Interactions PDF 0.5MB
Latuske (ETHZ) COST 352 - Influence of Modern In-vehicle Information Systems on Road Safety Requirements PDF 0.7MB
Lavadinho (EPFL) The multimodal walker. Potentials for combining walking and public transport at the agglomeration scale PDF 2.4MB
Leemann & Santel (ETHZ) Two-lane roundabouts PDF 1.2MB
Newman & Bierlaire (EPFL) Properties, Advantages, and Drawbacks of the Block Logit Model PDF 4.5MB
Oliva & Hüttenmoser Oliva (Oliva & Co.) The assessment and monetizing of noise affectedness due to air and road traffic PDF 0.8MB
Osorio & Bierlaire (EPFL) A simulation optimization framework for the management of congested urban road networks. PDF 0.3MB
Paderno (EPFL) Simulation of ballast behaviour under traffic and tamping process PDF 2.2MB
Pham, Chung, Dumont (EPFL, QUT) Methodology for traffic risks identification PDF 0.1MB
Randall (EURESEARCH) Work with the best people in Europe: FP7 funding for the Swiss Transport researcher PDF 1.2MB
Robin, Bierlaire, Cruz (EPFL) Dynamic facial expression recognition using a behavioral model PDF 2.4MB
Schüssler & Axhausen (ETHZ) Accounting for similarities in destination choice modelling: A concept PDF 0.3MB
Steiner & Philipp (IDP) Speeding up the airplane boarding process by using pre-boarding areas PDF 0.4MB
Tanner (Unibe) The Determinants of Energy Demand of the Swiss Private Transportation Sector PDF 1.5MB
de Tilière & Laperrouza (BG, EPFL) Developing and deploying innovative     technologies in a liberalized European railway system PDF 0.3MB
Tron & Tzieropoulos (EPFL) How regular is a regular-interval timetable? An operational tool to assess regularity PDF 0.3MB
Tzieropoulos & Emery (EPFL) How regular is a regular-interval timetable? Theoretical foundations and assessment methodology PDF 0.2MB
Vacca & Salani (EPFL) The Vehicle Routing Problem with Discrete Split Delivery and Time Windows PDF 0.2MB
Vidaud & Zwanenburg (EPFL) Current situation on rolling contact fatigue – a rail wear phenomenon PDF 1.0MB
Waraich, Balmer, Charypar, Axhausen (ETHZ) Performance Improvements for Large Scale Traffic Simulation in MATSim PDF 0.3MB
Zöllig (ETHZ) Where Does the Additional Utility of an Improvement to the Transport System Occur? PDF 0.4MB