20th Swiss Transport Research Conference



13-14 May 2020



Urban Transport Systems Laboratory, EPF Lausanne


Date & time Speaker Affiliation Title Watch
13 May 9:30-10:30 Ola Jabali Polytecnico di Milano Using electric vehicles for goods distribution Youtube


The issues related to the use and integration of electric vehicles in logistics activities, have triggered a wide range of transportation science problems. In this talk we review recent advances in this area. In particular, we present battery charging and discharging patterns that need to be considered. We discuss the modelling of battery degradation processes. These are integrated within the context of scheduling charging activities at depots. Furthermore, considering energy consumption uncertainty, we examine issues related to designing reliable routes. Finally, we elaborate several formulations and algorithmic components for situations where electric vehicles may deviate from their routes to perform recharging activities.


Ola Jabali is an associate professor at the operations research and discrete optimization group of DEIB (Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e Bioingegneria) at Politecnico di Milano. She is also an affiliated Professor at HEC Montréal, and a collaborating member of the Interuniversity Research Centre on Enterprise Networks, Logistics and Transportation (CIRRELT). Before joining Politecnico di Milano, she was an assistant Professor at the department of logistics and operations management of HEC Montréal. She obtained her Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from the Eindhoven University of Technology. She has a B.Sc. and an M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering from Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. Her research interests deal with modelling realistic problems arising in transportation, production and logistics. She mainly focuses on optimizing goods transportation, in particular problems related to pollution, uncertainty, fleet composition and customer service.

Round table: The influence of COVID in mobility in CH and worldwide

Date & time Panelists Affiliation Watch
13 May 13:00-14:15 Mr. Jürg Röthlisberger Director of the Federal Roads Office (FEDRO) Youtube
Dr. Nicole Mathys Head of section, Federal Office for Spatial Development ARE
Prof. Jonas Elliasson Director of Transport Accessibility, Swedish Transport Administration, Visiting professor of Transport Systems, Linköping University
Mr. Armin Weber Head of International Passenger Traffic, Swiss Federal Railways (SBB)

Moderator: Prof. Nikolas Geroliminis (EPFL)

All sessions

Speaker/s Affiliation Title Download
Adaimi, Kreiss, Alahi EPFL Vehicle detection using fields NA
Agalliadis, Makridis, Kouvelas ETHZ Traffic estimation by fusing static and moving observations in highway networks PDF 0.8MB
Ataç, Obrenović, Bierlaire EPFL, UNS Vehicle sharing systems: Does demand forecasting yield a better service? PDF 2.6MB
Bahari & Alahi EPFL preciseWTA: Precise winner-takes-all Loss for multimodal vehicle prediction NA
Baillif & de Lapparent EPFL Effects of transport systems on housing rents PDF 0.6MB
Bansal, Krueger, Bierlaire, Graham EPFL Variational Bayesian inference for spatial negative binomial count data models with unobserved heterogeneity NA
Barmpounakis, Richter, Geroliminis EPFL Identifying shockwaves and estimating their critical parameters utilising a dataset from a swarm of drones NA
Beojone & Geroliminis EPFL Macroscopic modeling of ride-sourcing services NA
Bortolomiol, Lurkin, Bierlaire EPFL Optimal regulation of oligopolistic markets under discrete choice models of demand PDF 0.6MB
Christofa, Deliali, Knodler Jr. U of Amherst Driver performance in the presence of bicycle infrastructure NA
Genser & Kouvelas ETHZ Route-choice management with optimal dynamic pricing in urban large-scale networks PDF 0.1MB
Ghandeharioun, Bigi, Kouvelas, Corman ETHZ Integrated multimodal network management: An agent based approach PDF 1.4MB
Gonzales, Foumier, Valverde U of Amherst Modeling traffic around a pedestrian zone in a monocentric network NA
Kagho, Ilahi, Balac, Axhausen ETHZ Synthetic population of Greater Jakarta: An iterative proportional updating approach PDF 0.5MB
Kazagli & de Lapparent HES-SO Modeling non-trading behavior PDF 1.1MB
Kothari & Alahi EPFL Revisiting forecasting models for human motion prediction NA
Krauss, Göddeke, Gnann Fraunhofer ISI & ETHZ What drives the usage of shared transport services? An impact analysis of supply and utilization of mobility services in German cities PDF 0.4MB
Kreiss & Alahi EPFL Pose tracking for anonymized videos NA
Kwak & Geroliminis EPFL Speed prediction for freeway networks with identity mapping augmented dynamic linear model NA
Leng & Corman ETHZ The role of incomplete information to passengers in real-time railway traffic control PDF 1.4MB
Li & Axhausen ETHZ Environmental benefits of bike-sharing based on travel mode choice NA
Liu & Alahi EPFL When deep generative modeling meet Markov decision processes: A deep Bayesian approach for high-dimensional data discovery NA
Livingston ETHZ Identification of potential sources of error propagation in MATSim NA
Luan & Corman ETHZ Passenger-oriented rescheduling of trains and rolling stocks for urban rail transit networks NA
Marra & Corman ETHZ How much do transit passengers rely on online information? A revealed preference approach based on tracking NA
Meister, Winkler, Schmid, Axhausen ETHZ Towards a data-driven survey methodology NA
Molloy, Cik, Fellendorf, Axhausen ETHZ, TU Graz Generating synthetic mobile phone datasets using MATSim PDF 1.4MB
Montesinos & Geroliminis EPFL Vehicle emissions estimation using naturalistic data from a swarm of drones NA
Mordan, Saporta, Alahi, Cord, Pérez EPFL Bilinear multimodal discriminator for adversarial domain adaptation with privileged information NA
Mousavi, Chavoshi, Kouvelas ETHZ Structural controllability of highway networks PDF 0.6MB
Pougala, Hillel, Bierlaire EPFL Scheduling of daily activities: An optimization approach PDF 1.8MB
Rahimi & Corman ETHZ Quantifying the heterogeneity of direct and indirect effects of a public transport disruption with agent-based simulation PDF 3.7MB
Reck, Guidon, He, Axhausen ETHZ Shared micromobility in Zurich, Switzerland: Analysing usage, competition and mode choice PDF 0.9MB
Saadatnejad & Alahi EPFL Next steps for image synthesis using semantic segmentation NA
Sallard, Balac, Axhausen ETHZ Designing a MATSim scenario for São Paulo, Brazil NA
Saprykin, Marini, Chokani, Abhari ETHZ Holistic, integrated generation of daily-activity plans for Switzerland: From population synthesis to trip generation PDF 5.5MB
Schatzmann, Tanner, Axhausen ETHZ Long-distance buses in Switzerland NA
Sifringer & Alahi EPFL Add image to my choice: Including a new input type to discrete choice modeling with representation learning NA
Spanninger, Trivella, Corman ETHZ Approaches for real-time train delay prediction PDF 0.3MB
Stokkink, de Palma, Geroliminis EPFL Matching in carpooling under congestion NA
Tchervenkov, Molloy, Castro Fernández, Axhausen ETHZ, Uni Basel MOBIS study: A review of common reported issues PDF 0.6MB
Tsitsokas, Kouvelas, Geroliminis EPFL, ETHZ Modeling and optimization of dedicated bus lanes space allocation in large networks with dynamic congestion NA
Wang, Ye, Axhausen ETHZ Modeling one-way electric carsharing in the city of Shanghai, China PDF 0.1MB
Weis, Kowald, Danalet, Schmid, Vrtic, Axhausen, Mathys TransOptima, HS-RM, ARE, ETHZ Surveying and analysing mode and route choices in Switzerland 2010–2015 PDF 0.5MB
Winkler, Meister, Gharavi, Schmid, Axhausen ETHZ Risk perception during COVID-19: Are individuals more likely to order their groceries online during the pandemic? PDF 1.0MB
Zhu, Wu, Kouvelas ETHZ A resilience-based perimeter control strategy for urban roadway systems with Internet of vehicles PDF 1.8MB
Zwick & Axhausen ETHZ Analysis of ridepooling strategies with MATSim PDF 2.1MB